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[SIBYL's collection]

SIBYL's collection pre-order sales notice

Thank you for your patience. We are accepting orders for the cat doll "SIBYL", "collection items such as furniture and clothes", and "trunk-shaped dollhouse".

Order meeting andWe are preparing to accept orders online.

<Appointment-based exhibition order meeting>
December 21st (Thursday) - 23rd (Saturday)
December 21st (Thursday), 22nd (Friday): 10:30~19:00
Saturday, December 23rd: 10:30~15:00

​For reservationsherefrom.

<Online order meeting>
December 26th (Tuesday) 19:00 to December 28th (Thursday) 12:00

・Before ordering,How To OrderPlease be sure to check the page.

・Please note that the item may be sold out.

​・We cannot accept changes or cancellations, returns or exchanges of orders.

・All products are made to order in limited quantities.
・Product specifications are subject to change.
-As each item is made by hand, there may be slight individual differences even if the item is the same. Please note that this is due to the texture and characteristics of the product.


Dolls and Clothes 

Furniture and Decoration




The second member of The Small Utopia and The Cats is SIBYL, a milk tea-colored cat.

A childhood friend of the only one, ARIA, she is a 14-year-old assigned to the office of an embroidery shrine maiden who performs a special type of embroidery called "temple embroidery," which conveys the true history of the past and future through embroidery. No cat.

“Temple embroidery” is different from ordinary embroidery. Face the embroidery machine, close your eyes, and listen to the sound called ``voice'' that only ``embroidery artists'' can hear. Then, that "voice" becomes a pattern in Sybil's head and is transmitted to her fingertips...

She loves fashion, and she dresses herself in lots of clothes and accessories. Today, she listens to the "voice" and worries about Aria's safety as she sets out on a journey to the other world.

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