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<Amount display>

​Products on this site are displayed without tax.

Due to the system of the site operator for overseas customers, the product price is displayed without tax.

Please check the product description for the amount including tax.

​You can check the total amount including tax by adding it to the cart and entering the shipping address.


・Within Japan

Yamato Transport (Takkyubin, Takkyubin Compact)

*Shipping charges vary depending on the product and delivery area.

*Currently, we charge a shipping fee for all orders.

*Even if there are multiple orders from the same customer, we will not be able to combine items or refund the shipping fee, so please place all orders together.

*Due to the impact of COVID-19, the shipping costs of each shipping company are changing.

Yamato Transport fare listhere

・Overseas shipping

EMS (international express mail) or Yamato Transport (international courier service)

Asia ¥2,800~¥23,000

North America ¥3,500~¥29,000

Europe ¥4,000~¥33,000

*Customers are responsible for customs duties. Please note that we will not be involved in this.

*Due to the impact of COVID-19, the shipping costs of each shipping company are changing.

<delivery date>

・Regular products will be shipped within 3-5 business days after receiving your order. (Excluding store holidays such as year-end and New Year holidays, Obon, Golden Week, etc.)

・Made-to-order products Varies by product. Please refer to each product page for details.

<Payment method>

・Credit card (lump-sum payment only)

​・ Convenience store payment (payment within 2 days) fee 190 yen

​・Carrier billing (docomo, softbank only, no au)

*Yamato credit cards cannot be used for quotations and price-changing products.

* Yamato card payment and deferred payment payment cannot be used for overseas delivery.


We carry out thorough inspections before shipping products.

If there is damage after the product arrives, it is considered a problem during delivery, so please understand.

In principle, we cannot accept returns due to customer's convenience.
Returns or exchanges due to product defects or shipping company's negligence must be returned within 7 days after the product arrives.EmailPlease contact us.

In that case, please be sure to send us a "picture of the outer box at the time of delivery" and a "picture of the product" together.

We accept returns only if they are returned within 7 days after contacting us.

In principle, exchanges due to customer's convenience are limited to exchanges of the same item in color or size.

​<Precautions when handling products>

Most of KLOKA's products are produced in small quantities and are made one by one in the atelier.I'm here.

In very rare cases, production may not be possible due to a shortage of materials during the production of the product.

Especially when it comes to vintage parts, we often use one-of-a-kind items. Thank you for your understanding.

Please handle with care as it is very delicate.

Due to the characteristics of the product, there may be slight differences in color, texture, and size even if the product is the same. Please note.

・Regarding vintage products and products containing vintage parts​

Vintage items and parts may have small scratches or discoloration in order to make the most of the texture of aging. Please check the condition carefully before purchasing.


・Regarding wooden products
We ship after thorough inspection, but in rare cases there may be hangnails, cracks, or deformation. Please be careful not to get injured. Also, avoid leaving it wet for a long time or exposing it to direct sunlight.


​・Regarding brass products

Brass is a material that develops a unique texture over time. If you are concerned about darkening, use a commercially available polishing cloth or sponge with polishing cream or cleanser and water to restore the original luster.


・Regarding repairs

"Photos that clearly show the broken part" and "Overall photos"EmailPlease send by

Items that cannot be repaired depending on how they are damaged,Some replacement parts may not be available.

Please contact us once.

<Closed days>

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays(New Year's holidays, Obon, GW, etc.)

Inquiries about product content and shop in generalherefrom.

​ Available hours: 12:00-17:00

Please note that we cannot respond to inquiries on holidays.

​Please be patient as it may take some time to respond.

​Notation based on Specified Commercial Transactions


We usually ship by EMS (Express Mail Service) of JAPAN POST or YAMATO delivery service.

Please note that you may experience shipping delays due to COVID-19.

delivery area and fee

ASIA ¥7,000


EUROPE ¥9,000


Please note that we are not responsible for the applicable duties, tariffs, and customs fees of standard International packages.

Returns and Exchanges

We conduct thorough inspections before shipping each product.

If there is any damage upon item arrival, please be aware that there must have been a problem during shipping.

As a general rule, we do not accept returns due solely to customer convenience.

If an item is defective or must be returned or exchanged due to the negligence of the shipping company, please contact us viaemailwithin 7 days of the item's arrival.

In the case above, please be sure to send a photo of "the condition of the delivery box" and a photo of "the condition of the product" together. 

We will only accept a return or exchange if the item is returned within 7 days upon arrival. 

As a general rule, we do not accept exchanges due solely to customer convenience.


The majority of products from KLOKA are produced in small quantities and are individually made in our atelier.

In some rare cases, production of certain items may not be possible due to a shortage of raw materials. 

In situations where vintage parts are involved, we often use rare, one-of-a-kind items.

Since certain items are made with delicate parts and are incredibly fragile, please handle with care.

Please be aware that due to the particularities of certain products, there may be slight differences in color, texture, shape, and size even among the same products.


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