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​1st collection "Aria"

"The Small Utopia and The Cats" is a 1/6 size cat doll collection created by KLOKA Dollhouse. It is a chronicle-style product that follows the story and develops the various cats living in "Small Utopia" in order.​The main character of this story, which is the first collection, is milk teaThis is the colored cat "SIBYL".

[Notice of order event for cat doll “Sybil”]

Appointment-based exhibition ordering event:

Thursday, December 21, 2023, Friday, December 22, 2023 10:30~19:00

Saturday, December 23, 2023 10:30~15:00

Sales location:Little Paradise TEA SALON & BOUTIQUE

Online order meeting:

December 26th (Tuesday) 19:00 to December 28th (Thursday) 12:00

Sales location: KLOKA ONLINESHOP



​Russian Blue Cat

dress/earrings/collar/shoes/embroidery shoulder bag

Dress/Earrings/Collar/Victorian boots/Embroidered shoulder bag

A 14-year-old cat who is an apprentice gardener who lives and works in the palace. My job is to prepare the mysterious garden labyrinth in the garden every day. At the heart of this maze, called the "maze without exits," you will find a sacred closed space that hides some great secret. I am dissatisfied with the fact that my apprentice has finally graduated but was not told the secret. Eventually, Aria can't resist her strong curiosity and arrives at the "real exit" hidden in the center of the maze. However, what was waiting at the end of the exit ...?

Height   (from the tip of the ear to the sole of the foot)   26cm

Arm length   (shoulder to fingertip)  8.7cm

Foot length (and from bottom to sole)  12.5cm

​ set


Civil front cutout WIX size small.png



  ¥165,000 (tax included)

Aria's parts


In order to express the cute and mysterious expression of a cat, we made many prototypes and came up with an original design. The shiny velvety fabric is dyed in our own workshop, and each item is hand-pasted and colored, taking into consideration the direction of the hair. The beautiful glass eyes, which have been created with great care, add even more depth to your expression.


We created a dress with a luxurious and delicate silhouette, using textiles with a botanical pattern of ``patio green'', which is reminiscent of the plants blooming in the courtyard of the imperial court, and is suitable for the character of Sybil.

 * Clothes for other 1/6 size dolls can also be worn, but please check the sizes for details.
(Please note that tight clothes may damage the flock.)


Sybil, who loves fashion, has collars, earrings, and shoulder included.​Each piece of the collar is embroidered.It is decorated.


The limbs are long and finished to give the cat a supple body line. The paws are well reproduced in the small hands. The entire body is specially formulated with flocking to bring the nuances of animal hair as close as possible.


The freely bendable tail is detachable using a magnet. It can be removed and attached over any clothing. There is a wire inside so you can adjust it to your desired line.


These are elegant Victorian boots.

We have an original size that fits your cat's paws.


​ Introducing the arias that appear in the short film.

02 Party.04_08_11_09.Still image 012.png
02 Party.03_48_31_13.Still image 011.png
02 Party.01_59_05_10.Copy of still image 039.png
Sequence 02.00_29_49_04.Copy of still image 005.png
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