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"Small Utopia" lives while cats sleep

Another world of them.

There, the cat walks like a human and wears clothes.

Drink tea and chat

I enjoy living while doing various jobs.


"The Small Utopia & The Cats"

It is a chronicle of various cats living in this small utopia.

Along the story, we will introduce various cats and their way of life.

Small utopia is made up of a large swirl cloud, the islands beneath it, and a circular ocean that surrounds it.


Everything is beautiful and calm, and an eternal little utopia where many flowers and various creatures live .

It is the "eternity" of the micro world where the "moment" is stretched . Smaller than the tip of the needle. An endless world than the end of the universe.

By sleeping, the cats go back and forth between their world and the ​human world. It's still a mystery as to why you can do that and why you're visiting this world.


Episode 1

A lost gardener and a maze without an exit

STORY of  "Aria"

The first story of the Chronicle is the story of Aria, who is an apprentice in one of the offices of the palace, the "Gardener's Room". Aria does not yet know the existence of the human world.

Aria's job is to prepare the mysterious garden labyrinth in the garden every day. At the heart of this maze, called the "maze without exits," you will find a sacred closed space that hides some great secret. Eventually, Aria can't resist her strong curiosity and arrives at the "real exit" hidden in the center of the maze. However, what was waiting at the end of the exit ...?


A story about the curious journey of a lost gardener.

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