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The gift "MANEKINEKO UTOPIAN CANDLE" from the SMALL UTOPIA is a candle that wishes everyone good luck.

The candles are painted one by one at KLOKA's workshop.

There are three colors: light peach, lemon, and hakka.

We will send it in a cute BOX package.

It is also recommended as a gift. .

The "MANEKINEKO UTOPIAN CANDLE" is a candle that brings good luck to all who own it. These candles are individually painted at KLOKA's atelier.

  • delivery

    Since each product is handmade, it may take 7 to 10 days after receiving your order.

    If you have a request for a delivery date, such as a gift, please write it in the remarks column or contact us by e-mail in advance.

    * The delivery date may be slightly different depending on the delivery destination area, weather, traffic conditions, etc.

  • size

    Height 12.5 cm Width 7.5 cm Depth 6 cm

    Burning time about 1 hour

  • Handling precautions

    -The painted part is very delicate. If you touch or rub it, the painting may come off, so please handle it with care.

    -Due to the shape of the product, it is an auto-stop process that extinguishes the fire in the middle (automatic fire extinguishing).

    ・ Be sure to use nonflammable dishes and containers with a flat bottom such as glass and earthenware.

    ・ Please note that the wax tends to drip due to its shape.・ Never leave your side after lighting the fire.

    -Use in a horizontal and safe place where there are no flammable items nearby.

    ・ Avoid using the product in a place where it is exposed to direct air conditioning wind.

    ・ When igniting, stand the core thread.・ Never touch during or immediately after combustion.

    ・ Do not use water when extinguishing a fire.

    ・ Please extinguish the fire when you go to bed.

    ・ Do not burn or store in high temperatures, near children or pets.


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