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2020 Little Holiday Collection

  A small holiday collection from KLOKA DOLLHOUSE. This is a special collection of special winter items to enjoy the holiday season. Navy blue and silver rugs like the night sky, cushions like candy canes, and the popular big dog, the princess "Scarlet" with a headdress set. Enjoy the bright red cranberry jelly for dessert.

Limited collection only for this season. We have a lineup of high-grade items that use materials that are a little more luxurious than usual.

* Various small quantities are produced so that they can be delivered immediately during the holiday season. Thank you for your understanding.

・ Sales method

This time, we will only accept orders at the "online order reception".

Orders for the products are scheduled to start from 20:00 on Friday, November 27th. The shipping time is scheduled for mid-December.

We will lower the currently published product page once, add inventory, and post it again.

・ Notes on shopping

In order for many customers to enjoy shopping, we would like to inform you of the following points in advance.

Customers who place an order should check here before enjoying shopping.

・ The shipping time is scheduled for mid-December.

・ Please note that it will be sold out.

・ Even if the same customer places multiple orders, we will not be able to provide bundled items or refund shipping costs, so please place orders in bulk.

・ Please note that we cannot accept changes or cancellations of order details.

・ Payment methods are "credit card", "convenience store payment (payment within 2 days)", and "carrier payment (docomo, softbank only, au not possible)".

・ After the payment is completed, the order will be confirmed. We recommend that you register your customer information with the shop in advance.

・ Customers who cannot confirm payment by postpaid payment after ordering may be refused shopping at KLOKA ONLINE SHOP in the future.

・ We perform sufficient inspection before shipping the product. Please contact us by e-mail within 7 days after the item arrives for any defects in the item or replacement due to the negligence of the delivery company.

・ We also accept orders from overseas (excluding some areas). We cannot accept the specification of the delivery company and the specification of the delivery method. In addition, the customer is responsible for the customs duty.

KLOKA Little Holiday Collection

ONLINE PRE-ORDER start from November 27th 8pm (japan time)


We ships by EMS (Express Mail Service) of JAPAN POST. We will ship this Little Holiday Collection until mid December, but the delivery times may vary depending on your delivery address.

Please note that you may experience shipping delays due to COVID-19.


Please note that we are not responsible for the applicable duties, tariffs, and customs fees of standard International packages. All applicable duties, tariffs, and customs fees are the responsibility of the customer.


We cannot accept any returns or exchanges.

・ Regarding products

・ The number of items is limited. Please note that sold-out items will not be resold.

・ All KLOKA products are handmade in the atelier one by one, so even if they are the same product, there may be some individual differences.

・ Because it is very delicate, please handle it with care.

・ In rare cases, specifications may change due to lack of materials during production. In that case, please understand that we will contact you again.

If you have any questions, please contact the following.

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