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"Travel Dollhouse" Collection

8.26 (Fri) 22:00~ @KLOKA ONLINE SHOP

9.11 (sun) @DOLLSHOW67


We have received many requests,

We are accepting orders for new models of trunk-shaped dollhouses🏘

The doll house to be released this time has a larger size,
It is a new model with a panel-like wallpaper that allows you to change clothes.

the color of the body

"SUMMER POOL BLUE"2 colors are available.
Combining 14 types of wallpaper and 11 types of floors

You can customize your original dollhouse.

Online orders are scheduled to start from 22:00 on Friday, August 26, 2022.

We are also planning to take orders at the Doll Show on September 11th (Sun)!

Details will be released one by one, so please wait for a while.

dollhouse body

(1 set of "wall panels" (for 3 sides), 1 "floor panel" included)

¥72,000 (¥79,200)〜

Single Item/Additional

Wall panel ¥11,000(¥12,100)

Wall panel with metal plate ¥16,000(¥17,600)


Floor panel ¥7,000(¥7,700)

PREMIUM floor panel ¥7,800(¥8,580)

wall light


*In order for customers who have purchased this product to enjoy using it for a long time, we have increased the size and changed the specifications so that the walls can be changed. It was decided to change the model.
(Some prices have changed due to a series of soaring raw material prices. We appreciate your understanding and we appreciate your continued patronage.)


It is one size larger than the previous dollhouse.
We have mainly changed the height, making it easier to shoot, and we have improved it so that you can enjoy it with various dolls🛠

Outside size:

Height 391mm x Width 453mm x Depth 180mm

(The size of the “vol.2 collection” and “VIKTOR & ROLF collection” houses sold in August 2020 was 351mm high x 438mm wide x 152mm deep.)


Inside size:

Height 355mm x Width 425mm x Floor panel depth 355mm

(The size of the "vol.2 collection" and "VIKTOR & ROLF collection" houses was 325mm high x 420mm wide x 275mm deep floor panel.)


You can choose from 14 different wallpapers.

The panel-shaped wall is set to the house body, so you can enjoy changing clothes.

As an additional option for the wall panel, we also offer a "metal plate" to which a magnet can be attached.

You can enjoy more by purchasing several types of wall panels.


You can choose from 11 different floors.


"Wall panels" and "floor panels" can be purchased separately or additionally.

*The "wall panels" and "floor panels" released this time are not compatible with the previously released dollhouses.
We are also developing panels that are compatible with past dollhouses. I think it will be released later, but please wait a little.

Previous dollhouses had LED lights built into the top,

Some people said that they needed a stronger lighting when taking pictures, or that they turned it off when shooting in natural light.


In the future, I would like to introduce recommended shooting methods, so please look forward to it 📷💫




*There may be slight differences in the above dimensions depending on the type of floor. Thank you for your understanding.

*All products are made-to-order products with limited quantities.

*Since each product is made by hand, there may be individual differences even if it is the same product. Please be aware of the texture and characteristics of the product.

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